thrice6374 (thrice6374) wrote,

Comment To Be Added Bitches!!!

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hey i read your info you are a cutie... whats up?
Not too much, thanks though =) I'll add you
jason, it's lindsey. i got a new journal. add me under this name.
fuck!!! no!!! I dont need to be added but i CANT believe i found someone who actually knows what the perks of being a wallflower is...unless ur an assshole and have no clue what ur fucken icon means but i will assume ur cool.!!!! anyway that book is the best book eVeR!!!i really want to steal ur icon but i promise i wont because i like mine lol bye
Good cause I don't wanna add you cause you seem annoying. Everyone fuckin knows about that book.
that kid looks scary. it makes me want to....jump on it
hmm...welll...WHere are u living anartica?cuz no1 fucking knows about that book here... Why else would i say that? ur a butthead ahhh i love drama
Hey. It's society_xreject...I have a new livejournal. Add me? If you will, just follow the rules in my Lj.